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Hee Jun

Position: Leader
Full Name: Moon Hee Jun
Nickname: Gizmo
Birthday: March 14, 1978
Religion: Buddhist
As you know H.O.T is no long in the business. But they made they're own group. H.O.T stands for High-Five of Teenagers. Hee Jun is the leader and vocal. Kang Ta is the main vocal. Tony is the rapper and vocal. Woo Hyuk and Jae Won are both rappers.


Position: Lead Vocal
Full Name: An Chil Hyun
Nickname: Kam Sang, Kam Kam
Birthday: Oct. 10, 1979
Religion: None


Position: English rapper/ Sub-vocal
Full Name: Tony An
Nickname: Bae Chu, Rah Myun, Sohn Oh Gohng
Birthday: June 7, 1978
Religion: Christian

Jae Won
Position: Rapper
Name: Lee Jae Won
Nickname: Kuk Da Ri, Moon Nuh
Birthday: April 5, 1980
Religion: Christian

Woo Hyuk
Position: Rapper
Name: Jang Woo Hyuk
Nickname: Hammer Boy
Birthday: May 8, 1978
Religion: Buddist

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